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How is the coffee sourced?

We provide specialty grade coffee beans that are responsibly, sustainably, and ethically sourced. This means we get to know our growers on the conditions of their farms. We avoid corporate owned farms and prefer family owned or co-ops. We tend to order organic and/or fair trade coffees but in order to assure quality, we reserve the right to order the best bean for the job. We only order specialty grade beans.

What is specialty grade coffee?

We order only specialty grade coffee, which is the highest rating coffee can get. To be specialty grade, the coffee must be almost entirely free of defects and stand out from others in one key attribute, like taste or smell. Crooked Coffee is proud to always provide you with specialty grade beans.

How long will my coffee stay fresh?

Our coffee beans are small batch roasted as close to shipping as possible. Once opened, we suggest consuming the beans within 2-3 weeks for ideal taste. Coffee doesn’t expire, but we want you to enjoy it at maximum freshness.

How to choose between whole and freshly ground beans?

When ordering Crooked Coffee, you can choose to have your beans delivered  whole or ground. When beans are ground, the flavor deteriorates faster. For the best cup of coffee, we suggest ordering whole beans and grinding them yourselves. We grind our beans at a medium coarseness, ideal for a drip brewer.

What do you mean by “Earth Friendly''?

While building Crooked Coffee, we decided to take steps to minimize our impact on the environment. We did things like source beans that are organic, ensure our coffee bags are recyclable, and offset carbon emissions from importing coffee and our shipping materials.

How long will it take to process my order?

Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order.

How is my shipping cost calculated?

We have negotiated the best rates we can with our carriers. The carriers set the rate at checkout based on what's in your cart. We ship all over the world - build your cart and see what options are available to you based on the weight of the package and where you are shipping to. We calculate your shipping costs accordingly at checkout.

How should I wash my mug?

Hand washing is recommended for maximum longevity, but if it's one of those mornings, they should do just fine in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Why don’t you sell single serve coffee pods?

We don’t offer single serve coffees yet because we want to minimize single-use plastics in our process. There are tons of other delicious, sustainable, and convenient ways to brew coffee—just check out our brewing instructions page.

How does Crooked Coffee give back?

A portion of every Crooked Coffee purchase supports Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund to make sure every voice can be heard in the face of unprecedented voter suppression.

Who is Akira Coffee?

Crooked partnered with Akira Coffee to ensure that our coffee is ethically-sourced and high quality every step of the way. Akira accomplishes this by knowing the exact farms our coffees come from and doing things like offsetting carbon from importing, sourcing only specialty grade beans, small batch roasting, and working with farms that are either Fair Trade and Organic certified (or are working towards it). Whether focused on important environmental labels or lifting people out of poverty through trade, Crooked and Akira worked to make sure this project put something good back into the world.

Who do I reach out to if I have an issue with my order?

We are humans like you and as fellow humans, we want you to have a good experience with our products. If there is ever an issue with your order, please contact us and let us do our best to make it right. Our customer service team answers emails Monday through Friday during normal business hours at

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