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The Cold Brewer


Get The Cold Brewer while you can! These sold out in less than a week. Limited quantity available. And yes, we know it's winter. But if you stay cold, you don’t have to get cold.

Open up and get ready for the only good kind of bottle service (quietly enjoying a bottle of cold brew coffee from the comfort of your home). 

Now you can make delicious cold brew yourself. All you need is this bottle, some coffee, and a can-brew attitude.

Directions for making cold brew here.

Glass | Dishwasher Safe

22 oz/650 ML Brewing Capacity

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We know you come to Crooked for straight shooters and flawless takes, so we’ll get straight to the point: this product is high-quality and made with just as much care as that first, perfect cup of coffee in the morning.

A portion of every Crooked Coffee purchase supports Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund to make sure every voice can be heard in the face of unprecedented voter suppression.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Christina Keller
I wish I loved it

The lid does not stay on. I bought it because I loved the size and the glass bottle, but since the top is silicone, it does not secure tightly to the glass. I thought it would be good to transport, but you cannot take it anywhere…at least with cold brew in it. Love crooked and cold brew. This just did not hit the mark.


It's great. The boyfriend loves it and has probably upped his coffee consumption 30%.

Valeri Lucks

The size of the cold brew is great! And a very pretty design. The basket for the grounds is perfect. However - the odd shaped rubber top did not stay securely on the glass base of the brewer (at least on the one I got ) making it impossible to travel with the vessel without making sure you kept it perfectly upright. So if you want to take it to work, you have to pour the brewed coffee in to another container. The brewer got bumped over in my fridge and the top popped right off spilling coffee everywhere. Then, I just barely caught the top of the brewer's spout on the edge of my arm on the counter, it knocked the whole brewer over and shattered it into tiny pieces on my floor. Overall I think because of the height and "skinniness" of the brewer, it seemed unstable. The little basket is good though. It could be used in a mason jar that has a tighter lid, is sturdier and could travel.

G. Garfield
Delicious Coffee - Don't try to pick it up from the top though!

I wanted the Cold Brewer the first time it was offered, but missed out because shipping was so expensive. By the time I decided to just get over it and buy it, it had sold out. I looked for something else like it on the market and couldn't really find anything. I had already made my peace with the shipping cost next time it became available, so I jumped on it.

Just finished making my first batch and as I was taking it out of the fridge, I grabbed it by the white silicone lid, the top came off and I spilled it all over the floor, fridge, and counter. But I didn't break it, and what coffee was left was delicious! Glad it bought it, hope I can remember not to grab it by the lid any more because it makes great coffee! Thanks Crooked Coffee!

Celeste Black
So easy to use - I bought one for my sister too

I got this thing earlier this year and loved using it all summer long. It’s easy to use, hold a lot of coffee, doesn’t leak coffee dregs, and it looks so sleek and clean. I love it so much that I bought my sister one too for Christmas and she loves hers.